Team Turbosmart Wins Big at Diesels on the Mountain

A huge congrats goes out to Ryan Milliken and the DirtyMaxx team.  They took their 5th championship trophy in NHRDA Pro Stock, and we couldn’t be prouder to see them winning like crazy in a Turbosmart Equipped truck.

Milliken also piloted his personal truck, Buckwheat, to win in the Super Street class, with at 9.82 at 142.97.

Both the DirtyMaxx, and Buckwheat, run HP Wastegates, and Big Bubba blow off valves.


Wastegate Position Sensor Caps Now Available for all Wastegate Sizes

In yet another move to push wastegate technology ahead, Turbosmart is proud to release the latest addition to their lineup.

Wastegate position sensor caps allow tuners to monitor exact wastegate valve positions and tune accordingly.  A simple EGR position sensor found in any auto parts store bolts to the wastegate cap, allowing for a simple solution.

Through the research and development process, tuners and racers alike have fallen in love with the new feature allowing them the ultimate in data logging and tunability.

“Wastegate valve position monitoring is allowing racers to get the absolute maximum performance out of their motors.  We’re happy to be the first to bring this kind of product to the market, in a tested, proven form,”  says Kirstin Stone, Turbosmart USA’s Marketing Manager.

The ProGate50 and PowerGate60 were initially introduced with the capability, for some of the fastest drag racers in the world.  As of today, Turbosmart is proud to make the new caps available for the UltraGate38, CompGate40, and HyperGate45, as well.

For questions regarding the new wastegate caps, or to place an order, the Turbosmart sales department can be reached via at email or by phone at 909-476-2570 x1004.