Feature Cars

Horsepowers of the apocalypse: Steve Morris Engines’ 3625hp big block Chev

We know that Steve Morris Engines do some of the craziest high-horsepower engine builds, but this Turbosmart-equipped boosted big block is pushing even Steve’s already stratospheric boundaries. Read more

TopSpeed Ukraine’s Nissan R32 GT-R Drag Car

TopSpeed Ukraine’s R32 GT-R is an R32 with a difference – it’s running a heavily worked R35 GT-R engine. For a drag car that has hardly ever ran on a proper drag strip, it’s a fine example of people doing the best with what they have. Read more

Watch a Turbosmart-equipped 3000HP Hummer tear up the sand

Steve Morris Engines has built an insane 3,000HP sand-chewing Hummer drag car. Check it out here Read more

Turbosmart announces NEMO sponsorship

Turbosmart are proud to announce our sponsorship of the World Time Attack Champion – Team NEMO! Read more

Red Victor Does it Again!

On just their third full pass with their new engine combination, Red Victor resets the record for the World’s quickest and fastest street legal car! Read more

Rod Penrose’s Beetle back on track

Rod Penrose is back with a new car and he’s got his sights set on a World Record. Read more

Full Force Trans Am

Schwartz Performance rejuvenate a 1980s classic and add some turbo power. Read more

Hemi Under Class Project gets boosted

Turbosmart lends a hand to the Hemi Under Class Land Speed Racing team. Read more

Turbosmart USA onboard with Red Victor 3

The World’s Fastest Street Legal Car will use Turbosmart products to go even faster. Read more

Nutek Nissan 240SX

This is not your oridinary Nissan 240SX but a highly tuned, Turbosmart-equipped street weapon! Read more