New Releases

Turbosmart Dual Port Kompact Shortie and IWG for Ford’s Fiesta ST

Ford’s Fiesta ST is a pretty zippy car straight out of the box thanks to its 1.6 litre, turbocharged EcoBoost engine. Turbosmart’s new BOV and IWG combo make it even zippier! Read more

Turbosmart Dual Port Kompact Shortie for Ford’s EcoBoost Mustang

No one knows EcoBoost better than Turbosmart. We make performance parts for every Ford EcoBoost application, but this, the world’s first aftermarket BOV for the new Mustang is truly exciting. Read more

NEW Smart-Port Supersonic for Ford F150

No one knows boost better that Turbosmart, which makes their world first Smart Port BOV for Ford’s 2012+ 3.5L Ecoboost F150 all the more exciting. Read more

Turbosmart 2015 WRX Smart Port Blow-off Valve

Our latest Type 5 Dual Port BOV made specifically for the 2015 WRX features the innovative new Smart Port drive-by-wire friendly staging technology that gives you the response of a plumb-back valve, with the high performance benefits of a vent-to-atmosphere valve. Read more

New Release: HP Wastegates

The new Turbosmart HP wastegates are the highest pressure external wastegates on the market.
Read more

Fuel Pressure Regulators v2

Our revised Fuel Pressure Regulators address new engine technologies allowing higher base fuel pressures. Read more

Nissan Juke fitting guide

Installing our Kompact Plumb Back on a Nissan Juke is pretty straight forward and can be completed in just 15 minutes. We show you how. Read more

Big Bubba is here!

Big Bubba is, as its name suggests, big, bold and in-your-face. It’s ideal for big horsepower, high boost turbo, supercharger and diesel applications. Read more

New Release: Internal Wastegate for Porsche 993 Turbo

Designed as a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory part, the Porsche 993 Turbo Internal Wastegate is designed Read more

New Release: Internal Wastegate for Nissan R35 GT-R

Designed as a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory parts, the Nissan R35 GT-R Internal Wastegate Kit includes two IWGs … Read more

New Release: Internal Wastegate for Subaru WRX STi

The long awaited IWG for the 2.5L Subaru WRX and STi is finally here, let the upgrading begin! Read more

Internal Wastegate for Mazdaspeed

Good news for the Mazdaspeed fans! The new Turbosmart Mazdaspeed IWG helps you to get the most out of the OEM turbo. Read more