Comp-Gate 40

Turbosmart’s game-changing new design sets a new benchmark for performance wastegates.
Designed to fit into tight engine bays, Turbosmart’s award-winning 40mm external wastegate offers a class-leading flow and heat handling capabilities. It is also the smallest wastegate in the Turbosmart range.

Revolutionary Locking Ring
Comp-Gate’s unique Locking Ring provides easy access to the the actuator, allowing for quick spring changes. The new actuator housing design allowed us to significantly reduce the height of the Comp-Gate40. It is up to 25% smaller than other wastegates in our range.

Higher Flow, Smaller size
New, compact body profile offers superior flow, compact dimensions and exellent heat handling characteristics. Measuring only 99mm, the Comp-Gate40 fits easily into space-restricted engine bays, and provides better access once mounted. One-piece, coated stainless steel valve and an optimal flow through the body provide superior performance and reliability.

Unique Rotating Cap
Comp-Gate’s clever cap design, together with the locking ring allow for the cap orientation to be indexed in 12 different positions, making this one of the most versatile external gates on the market. Changing the cap is a simple procedure of loosening the locking ring (using the tool provided with the Comp-Gate) and rotating the cap into the desired position.

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9 thoughts on “Comp-Gate 40

  1. Hey Randy,
    The highest spring combination is 26psi. However with a clever boost control setup you will be able to achieve that range of boost. I hope your engine can handle that level.

    • Can you elaborate a bit? I have 26 psi springs in mine with an aem truboost controller and I still can’t get more than 27psi. This is driving me crazy. Lol

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  3. Hello I m using a 40mm with a 7psi spring and the car is tuned to run maximum at 0,65bar. The problem is when I m giving full throttle the megasquirt 2 is cutting me because it’s locked at 0,75 and it’s trying to get more boost… with the internal wg I didn’t had any problem like that! What are you suggesting me? Should I use a 5psi spring?

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