New additions to the Kompact BOV range

The Kompact Dual Port and Plumb Back range has been extended and now includes 34mm inlet and outlet ports as well as 20mm and 25mm. The 34mm inlet/outlet Kompacts are ideally suited for Mitsubishi EVOs, Ralliart Colt, 3000 GTO, Nissan Pulsar Gti-R as well as a host of V8 turbo kit applications.



Kompact Dual Port – 34mm
Atmospheric / Bypass valve
Part Number: TS-0203-1023




Kompact Plumb Back – 34mm
Bypass Valve
Part Number: TS-0203-1223



See the full Kompact Range of BOVs and BPVs here

4 thoughts on “New additions to the Kompact BOV range

  1. I own a 06 Mazdaspeed6. I’m looking to upgrade from the stock bpv. Any advice if I should run a full BPV or a dual port with VTA and recirculation? Upgrades are CAI, turbo back exhaust, and cobb accessport.

  2. I have recently replaced the stock bov with a 34mm Kompact plumb back bov on my EVO VI. When I let the revs drop from higher rpms (3000 rpm upwards) either in neutral or with the clutch pressed the engine will stall or come close to stalling. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks for your assistance.

  3. I recently just bought the Kompact Dual Port 34mm BOV for my 1997 3000GT VR4. Before I install, I had the same concern as my fellow Mistu owner posted above. Low RPMs, say stop sign to stop sign, what type of setting do you recommend to avoid stalling? I’m aware that sicne I haven’t relocated my MAF up in the throttle body intake pipe n close to the tb, anything but a recirculating BOV will cause the low rpm/stalling issue. The performance n tuning shop I deal with recommended this BOV to fit my needs. I was considering some type of hybrid BOV but decided against it simply because this turbosmart Kompact CAN be used as full recirculating if need be. Is there a setting that WILL allow me “the best of both worlds” or should I just keep adjusting the spring tension until I find that healthy balance?

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