Air-Cooled Warrior

The little red menace you see here belongs to the Turbosmart USA Sales Manager – Brenden Mosher.

The 1972 VW Karmann Ghia is powered by a 2332cc carburated turbo motor running at 25psi boost and still has most of its original interior and factory glass.

Needless to say, the car is full of Turbosmart gear; Ultra-Gate38, e-Boost Street and Turbosmart silicone hoses and clamps.

Brenden has recently come in 1st at the IDRC West Coast Nationals – in the True Street Turbo Class with an ET of 11.32 @ 122 mph on D.O.T Tires

One thought on “Air-Cooled Warrior

  1. hi, how do u keep a ghia cool, when the turbo is in the motor compartment. especially since the air to cool the motor comes from outside to inside and get superheated by the turbo heat then into the fan thru the barrels. surely it cant run cool enough to be a reliable, regularly, driveable streeter. please tell me. thanks greg ps average temp in summer above 32 degrees celcius, and with the warming effect the place is having record highs from yr to yr

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