Dealer Spotlight: Comp Turbo

Comp Turbo was founded in 2007 with the intent to build the highest quality turbochargers with the best customer service in the industry. Comp Turbo has the capabilities to build custom turbochargers for any race organization and also spec out any turbo for any given application from a 2 stroke snowmobile to an 800 Cubic inch big block making 3500 HP. Comp Turbo is a new company that started on the pretense to give the customers what they want and deliver a superior product.

Comp Turbo has industry leading engineers behind them with over 50 years of experience dealing with turbochargers and turbo machinery. This combined with over a decade of experience dealing with the performance industry allows Comp Turbo to build the best turbochargers for the performance industry.

Who: Comp Turbo
Where: 462 Borrego Ct Unit B San Dimas, CA 91773 USA
Contact: 909 599 5757

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