Marine Dream Corvette by Two Guys Garage

Marine Dream Corvette – Honoring an American Hero

Screened over two episodes on the SPEED channel, the build featured Marine Sgt. John Hayes’ Dream Corvette. John was a pivotal part of this project and his story is well worth reading – check it out here.

wasteage two guys garage Race Port marine Corvette

The hosts of Two Guys Garage called on numerous automotive aftermarket companies to help them transform the 2009 Corvette a dream machine. Rick Squires and his son Mitch from STS Turbo put their hands up for the turbocharging duties and worked alongside Kevin Byrd and Willie B installing the twin turbo kit on the Corvette.

wasteage two guys garage Race Port marine Corvette

The STS Turbo Kit, featuring Turbosmart External Wastegates and BOVs turned the Corvette into a tarmac-tearing monster!

Overview of the STS Turbo Kit.
Episode 1 Trailer
Episode 2 Trailer

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