Modifying your Evo – Part 1

The Mitsubishi Evo, in all its incarnations, is a common sight on race tracks, rallies, cruises and in performance workshops.  With a well-balanced chassis and a proven engine-drivetrain combo, the factory Evo is an excellent base for performance modifications, making it relatively easy to turn the stock car into a tarmac-shredding monster.

The tried and proved 4G63T (1987–2007) and 4B11T (2008–present) engines are potent and quite capable of producing big horsepower. A quick check on numerous Evo forums reveals that the most common upgrades are centred around getting more power out of the engine, followed by suspension and brakes upgrades.

Turbosmart has recognised the tuning fraternity’s fascination with the Evo long time ago and now offers a big range of products suitable for the Evo platform.


The simplest and most cost-effective way of increasing the boost is via a Gated Boost Controller Valve (GBCV). Easy to fit and set, a GBCV offers a simple boost control solution if you’re  after a mild boost increase while running a factory turbo. Once fitted, you simply set your boost and forget it. The boost can be adjusted under the hood (Boost Tee) or from within the cabin (In-Cabin and Dual Stage). Turbosmart offers three types of GBCVs:




Boost Tee
The Boost Tee is an ideal entry-level boost controller. It’s inexpensive and easy to fit. The boost adjustable from under the hood with an accurate, proven Detent System. Set your boost and forget it – it’s that simple!

See the full list of features here.

Suitable for all Mitsubishi Evo models.





With the In-Cabin you can set the boost from the driver’s seat. Using the same proven Detent System as the Boost Tee, In-Cabin allows you to make boost adjustment on the run.

See the full list of features here.

Suitable for all Mitsubishi Evo models.






Dual Stage Boost Controller

The Dual Stage Boost Controller offers a fast boost response with two adjustable boost levels. It allows you to toggle between high and low boost on the fly via a cabin-mounted switch. Both high and low boost settings are fully adjustable.

See the full list of features here.

Suitable for all Mitsubishi Evo models.



If you want to have more control over your Evo’s turbocharger than the GBCVs can provide – the next step up are Electronic Boost Controllers. Offering a plethora of useful features like boost-by-gear, overboost shutdown or boost correction, these units really put the boost control at your finger tips. Turbosmart offers two types of electronic boost controllers:

e-Boost STREET

Aimed at the street performance market, the e-Boost Street features many features found on its big brother – the e-Boost2. If you want value-for-money and no nonsense features in your electronic boost controller then e-Boost STREET is the product for you.

See the full list of features here.

Suitable for all Mitsubishi Evo models.

e-Boost 2

Turbosmart’s flagship boost management system. If you’re after the best and don’t like compromises this is the one for you. Used and recommended by top level racers around the world the e-Boost2 will let you control, monitor, map and compensate boost, water spray, methanol or nitrous injection, manage shift/warning lights and read/monitor RPM.

It is one of the most sophisticated boost controllers on the market – try it and you will never use any other boost controller!

For a full list of features click here.

Suitable for all Mitsubishi Evo models.

 Coming next: Blow-Off and Bypass Valves.

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