Modifying your Evo Part 3

Internal Wastegate Actuators

Replacing your factory actuator with a Turbosmart IWG75 gives you the advantage of a larger actuator to valve ratio which means you better control over the boost curve. Turbosmart internal wastegate actuators are also less affected by back-pressure, resulting in a flatter boost curve. Another benefit of the Turbosmart IWG75 is that is shares the same springs as our small wastegates.


This gives you the ability to easily set your base boost pressure between 3 – 26 PSI. Plus, the materials used in the construction of the IWG75 can handle higer boost levels and more heat than a standard actuator. Turbosmart offers a variety of different bolt-on actuators to suit your Mitsubishi Evo that are easy to fit and offer performance gains over the factory unit.


Turbosmart actuators are available as bolt-on replacements for Evo 4-8, Evo 9, and Evo X models, and are available as standard with 10 PSI / 0.7 Bar, 14 PSI / 1.0 Bar,  18 PSI / 1.2 Bar, and 22 PSI / 1.5 Bar spring rates.

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