More IWG Applications Recently Added!


Turbosmart’s Internal Wastegate Actuators are quickly becoming one of the hottest boost-control products on the market. Turbosmart’s actuator has a much larger working area than your stock actuator, which allows the fitment of more robust, heavier duty springs. This means you get much more control over boost. The boost curve comes on faster, stays flat, and because the Turbosmart actuator is less susceptible to exhaust back pressure, there is less drop-off at the end. To put it simply, with a Turbosmart IWG-75 you get more boost, earlier, and it stays strong for longer than your stock actuator could ever hope to achieve.

Let’s go over that again: More Boost. Earlier. For Longer. That, combined with the ability to swap springs and tailor your boost levels, means you simply can’t lose. That’s why Turbosmart’s motto is Engineered to WIN!

Because this product is so popular Turbosmart has expanded our range to suit more stock frame and aftermarket turbos.

New fitments include:

Ford F150 (2011-2012) Twin Turbo Ecoboost Black 5 PSI – TS-0622-4052 (Two actuators)
Ford Focus ST 2.0L EcoBoost – 7PSI: TS-0622-5072
Ford Focus RS 2.5L Turbo – 7PSI: TS-0622-3072
Ford Focus ST/XR5 2.5L – 7PSI: TS-0622-2072
Ford Powerstroke 7.3L– 21PSI: TS-0622-6212
VW Golf R K04 – 5PSI: TS-0645-1052
VW Golf GTI MK6 K03 – 5PSI: TS-0645-2052

With more coming soon:

IWG75 Borg Warner B1 120mm Rod Black 14 PSI – TS-0620-1142
IWG75 Borg Warner B2 140mm Rod Black 14 PSI – TS-0620-2142
IWG75 Borg Warner B3 160mm Rod Black 14 PSI – TS-0620-3142

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