New Internal Wastegate Actuators are coming!

Photo courtesy of Modern Automotive Performance

Coming to a Turbosmart Dealer near you early next year is the brand new range of Internal Wastegate Actuators. Designed like any Turbosmart product with the highest of quality and precision, the IWG series will provide better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures.

Each IWG will be adjustable with several spring options and packaged in a kit form so they can be fitted as a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory part. It can’t get any easier!

• Silicone diaphragm with Nomex reinforcement to withstand high temperatures.
• High grade, billet aluminium construction
• Stainless steel rods and connecting clevis for corrosion resistance.
• Locking Collar design cap allows for quick spring changes.
• Range of springs from 3 to 26 psi base pressure
• Applications: Mitsubishi Evo 6-8, Evo 9, Mazdaspeed (MPS) 3, 6, CX7, Subaru MY09+ (GR Model) STI.

16 thoughts on “New Internal Wastegate Actuators are coming!

  1. Any plans to make these for T25/28 turbos? Specifically for Nissans, and even better for GT2871s? There are a lot of us SR20 swapped guys looking for a better wastegate solution that the stock one.

  2. I know you mentioned this for the other comment that if there’s enough interest but i was wondering if thre was a wayof getting this for a hyundai genesis coupe 2.0t

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  4. A popular upgrade in the Saab world (B2x5, and B2x4 engines) is to stuff a 19T compressor wheel into the stock Mitsubishi TD04-15T. The problem is that to handle the increased backpressure it’s necessary to run really high base boost. I’d really like to maintian ≈10psi base boost for launching, but need a larger diameter actuator to enable 23psi to redline. What’s the diameter of the diaphram in this unit? And is there a port on the bottom (rod) side?

    • Actually, I was thinking more about my comment. If you would post up, or make available drawings with measurements that would really help people determine if they can make your product fit or not. In my case, if the rod’s long enough and the diaphram’s has a large diameter/surface area, I’d buy one and build my own bracket. Many of the upgraded small frame turbos have the same issue of needing low base boost for traction in mid-low range and high holding-power for backpressure up top.

      • I am pretty confident our actuator would control it just fine.
        You can buy the Universal model (does not come with a bracket) and fit it up yourself. How long does the rod need to be (from base of actuator to end of rod)?

        • Actually, the new Mazdaspeed bracket and actuator looks like it would be a very close fit. What’s the rod length on that version?

  5. The outside diameter of the “can” is 2.125″ and the rod length is 5.860″ to the center of the flapper pin on the stock actuator.

    What’s the diameter of the diaphram on your unit? I can cut/thread the rod, too long is better than too short. 🙂

  6. do you have the adjustable IWG available for tge GT2560R Turbo’s as yet? or do you have a universal adjustable IWG available that will suit?

  7. Any news for the t28 units for nissan? I have a garrett with 14 psi spring and I can’t make it pass beyond 21 psi with a gt2871r? Will one of these make me reach my 26 psi set point? Or should I go external? Thank you

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