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Pauter sand blasting away

Turbosmart-equipped VW-powered Pauter/Tavares Sand Dragster puts in a great effort with a 2.797 ET. Read more

Boost My Ride winner announced!

Congratulations to Chad Thomas and his Nissan 370Z for winning the Boost My Ride Competition. Read more

How does intercooler work?

What is an intercooler? An intercooler is an intake air cooling device used commonly on turbocharged and supercharged engines. What does it do? Intercooler cools the air compressed by the turbo/supercharger reducing the temperature andf increasing the density of the … Read more

Turbosmart power rules at GTA

The 5th Round of the Global Time Attack was, once again, dominated by the ominous black Subaru Impreza of GST Motorsport. Read more

New Release: Internal Wastegate for Subaru WRX STi

The long awaited IWG for the 2.5L Subaru WRX and STi is finally here, let the upgrading begin! Read more

Mad Mike relies on Turbosmart

Mad Mike’s BADBUL RX8 is one fo the most recognisable drift cars around the world. A much lesser known fact is that its turbo relies on Turbosmart products! Read more

Anatomy of a Time Attack Champion

800kW, 950kg, DTM style aero and more carbon fibre you can poke a stick at. Say hello to the fastest time attack car in the world. Read more

Mauricio’s Drift Rookie Experience

Turbosmart-sponsored Mauricio Ornelas Jnr is in his Formula Drift rookie year and having a time of his life. Read more

Marine Dream Corvette by Two Guys Garage

Two Guys Garage take on a very special project – turning an injured Marine Sgt’s Corvette into a dream machine! Read more

Internal Wastegate for Mazdaspeed

Good news for the Mazdaspeed fans! The new Turbosmart Mazdaspeed IWG helps you to get the most out of the OEM turbo. Read more

All Turbosmart Finals in Milan

The NMCA Super Street 10.5 Finals ended up being an all-Turbosmart affair with Essick lining up against Murillo. Read more

WTAC Winners Choose Turbosmart

Turbosmart lives up to its “Engineered to Win” slogan, with 7 out of the top 10 Pro Class cars at this year’s WTAC using Turbosmart products. Read more