Treadstone Turbo Kit for Cobalt SS

Over a year and a half in development, the Chevy Cobalt SS Turbos Upgrade Kit from Treadstone Performance is Stage 4 bolt-on upgrade kit that can increase the power ouput of your 2008 Cobalt SS up to 700whp.

Using a Precision turbocharger with a billet compressor wheel, Treadstone have teamed up with Turbosmart to incorporate our Ultra-Gate 38mm wastegate and Race Port 50mm blow off valve in the kit.

What is included in the kit:
• Treadstone Cast Stainless Tubular Manifold
• Treadstone 304 Stainless downpipe and Dump Tube
• Precision Turbocharger
Turbosmart 38mm Ultra-Gate38 wastegate
Turbosmart 50mm Race Port blow-off valve
• All hardware fittings and Gaskets
• Silicone Hoses, T-bolts and V band Clamps
• DEI Downpipe Heat Wrap
• Vacuum lines and Check Valves

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