Turbosmart for Ford

With its EcoBoost range of vehicles, Ford has decided that boost is the way of the future. Of course, we happen to agree! It’s no surprise, then, that we’ve produced a whole range of products for EcoBoost-engined Fords.

Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valves
Turbosmart’s Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valves are a different breed to standard bypass valves. Standard valves are made of plastic, they often leak and can disintegrate over time. Turbosmart’s Kompact Shortie applies the proven technology from our high performance range of BOVs. A billet aluminum body is matched with a precision-engineered piston, ensuring excellent sealing and response.

Two variants ensure that the Shortie range has something for everyone. Looking for that classic blow-off valve sound? The Dual Port is for you! It features one plumb back port for improved response and compatibility with standard engine mapping, and one vent-to-atmosphere port for the sound we know and love. Looking to fly under the radar? The Plumb Back has you covered, with quiet operation while still offering the full performance benefit of a Turbosmart BOV.

The Kompact Shortie is available for the following EcoBoost models:

IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuators
Turbosmart’s Internal Wastegate Actuators have earned a reputation as one of the best ‘bang-for-buck’ modifications you can make to your turbocharged car. Compared to standard wastegate actuators, Turbosmart’s IWG-75 brings boost on sooner, keeps it stable, and holds it longer. The result is better performance throughout the rev range, and a distinctly improved ‘seat-of-the-pants’ feeling when driving.

Billet aluminum construction ensures durability, and Turbosmart’s signature locking-collar design means spring changes are quick and easy, if you want to customize your boost level.

The IWG-75 is available for the following models:

Smart Port Blow-Off Valve
Turbosmart’s Smart Port is the latest evolution in BOV design. A brand new piston utilizing military-spec coatings and lightweight aerospace-grade coatings delivers razor-sharp boost response, while a new smart trumpet design eliminates stalling issues often found with vent-to-atmosphere BOVs, and allows the use of a softer spring inside the BOV, eliminating the risk of compressor surge.

The Smart Port is available for the 2013-on F150 3.5 EcoBoost, in a full vent-to-atmosphere configuration for a seriously high-performance sound.

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