Turbosmart Offers Growing Range of Products for Ecoboost Lineup


Based on enormous customer demand, Turbosmart is excited to offer internal wastegate actuators and compressor cover (OEM) style bypass and blow off valves for the Ecoboost line up—including the Ford Focus ST, the Ecoboost powered F-150, and several other models.  Drivers can expect to see performance gains from all of the Ecoboost offerings.

“We saw the Ecoboost lineup really blowing up, especially the Focus STs, and we knew right away that the people driving these off the lots were going to be looking for performance and power adding modifications.  We’re happy to be the first to offer them such high quality aftermarket parts,” said Turbosmart Vice President Marty Staggs.

For more information on the Ecoboost lineup available from Turbosmart, or to find a dealer near you, go to www.TurbosmartUSA.com, email sales@turbosmartusa.com, or call Turbosmart directly at 909-476-2570.

  • TS-0203-1061       Dual Port Blow Off Valve                           MSRP            $ 189.99
  • TS-0203-1261       Plumb Back Bypass Valve                        MSRP             $ 169.99
  • TS-0622-4052       IWG75 Ford F-150 Ecoboost                    MSRP             $ 306.99
  • TS-0622-5072       IWG75 Ford Focus ST 2.0L Ecoboost      MSRP              $ 209.99

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12 thoughts on “Turbosmart Offers Growing Range of Products for Ecoboost Lineup

  1. Looking for BOV for 2014 FORD F150 ECOBOOST, i had called called y’all about 3 months back, i was told to check back in a few months.

  2. You guys have been saying a couple weeks since December 2014 now…. Is this thing even gonna be hPpening ? It’s not almost April 2015 and nothing. Not even a sound clip video or info if it’s actually an ebov or what???!?! Any info would be nice

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