Product Update: Kompact Dual Port Kit for Cadillac ATS-V

What is it?

Turbosmart’s new Kompact Dual Port kit for the ATS-V is a direct replacement kit for the Cadillac’s standard plastic blow-off valves.

What does it do?

Blow-off valves have an important function in preventing potentially damaging compressor surge and maintaining turbine speed, reducing lag when getting back on the throttle. Standard valves are plastic, can leak and will struggle with increased boost levels, and eventually, they fail.

Turbosmart’s Komapct Dual Port kit is a direct replacement, fitting straight up to the factory location. These piston-style valves are far more durable than the standard plastic valves, and with a 50-50 split operation between reirculation and vent-to-atmosphere, they offer that classic blow-off valve sound that people love about turbocharged cars.

What makes it great?

  • Billet aluminum construction ensures durability under all boost levels.
  • Quiet operation at low boost and big vent-to-atmosphere sound at high boost – all with no CELs.
  • Turbosmart’s modular Dual Port design means the Komapct can be easily converted to either a full recirculating or full vent-to-atmosphere BOV. Simply unscrew the trumpet or plumb back port and replace it with the supplied blanking plug.
  • Turbosmart’s ultra fine machining tolerances give excellent sealing without the need for an O-ring between the body and the piston. No O-ring means better valve response, less maintenance and fewer failures.
  • Easy installation – no custom work or tuning required!

What is included?

The kit comes with two (2) Kompact Dual Port BOVs with Cadillac-specific fittings, two (2) spare blanking plugs, and twelve (12) washers.

How much is it?

The Cadillac ATS-V Dual Port Kit (part number TS-0203-1008) has an MSRP of US$289.99

When is it available? 

Right now! Order by calling us on (909) 476-2570 or by emailing

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