Product Update: Turbosmart’s New ProGate-50 Lite HP Wastegate

What is it?

  • A High Pressure version of our new ProGate-50 Lite 50mm external wastegate, making it the largest of Turbosmart’s HP wastegate line.
  • The ProGate-50 Lite HP has a base pressure of 35PSI, making it the ideal choice for high boost applications.

Who is it for?

  • For customers running extremely high boost pressures of at least 35PSI, who require more flow than the 45mm HyperGate HP, or already have the fabrication for a 50mm wastegate in place.
  • It is especially suited to heavily boosted turbo diesel and drag racing applications.

What’s great about it?

  • This is the largest, highest flowing wastegate in Turbosmart’s HP range.
  • Turbosmart’s HP Wastegate range are the highest pressure wastegates of their kind, in the world.
  • The specially-engineered High Pressure cap is only 28mm taller than the standard ProGate-50 Lite.
  • Turbosmart’s locking collar allows quick spring changes.
  • A Nomex-reinforced silicone diaphragm and in-built heat shield gives excellent heat resistance.

How much is it?

TS-0502-1301 – ProGate-50 Lite HP 35 PSI – Blue – MSRP $624.99

TS-0502-1302 – ProGate-50 Lite HP 35 PSI – Black – MSRP $624.99

When is it available?

Right now. Order by emailing or by calling (909) 476-2570

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