Hyper-Gate 45

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Blue: Hyper-Gate45 14 PSI TS-0506-1001

Black: Hyper-Gate45 14 PSI TS-0506-1002

Blue: Hyper-Gate45 7 PSI TS-0506-1001

Black: Hyper-Gate45 7 PSI TS-0506-1002

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BLUE: TS-0506-1001
BLACK: TS-0506-1002

The new Hyper-Gate45 is a 45mm external wastegate designed with minimum size and maximum flow in mind. Smaller and lighter than the previous model, the new Hyper-Gate45 features a unique locking collar design for reduced size and quicker spring changes.

Suitable for medium-large capacity engines with medium frame turbochargers systems. Street and racing applications. Suits 1.75” outside diameter pipe. Fits all popular 44mm flanges.

Inlet and outlet weld flanges and V-Band clamps, valve seat, 2 x 1/16 NPT pressure nipples, 2 x 1/16 NPT Blanks, Collar removal tool. Kit Builder Packs available to customer specifications.

Hyper-Gate 45


Hyper-Gate 45

ACCESSORY / SPARE PART                     PRODUCT No.
WG38/40/45 3PSI Inner Spring – brown/black                     TS-0505-2001
WG38/40/45 5PSI inner spring – brown/gray                      TS-0505-2002
WG38/40/45 7PSI middle spring – brown/purple                      TS-0505-2003
WG38/40/45 11PSI middle spring – brown/red                      TS-0505-2004
WG38/40/45 10PSI outer spring – brown/blue                      TS-0505-2005
WG38/40/45 7 PSI outer spring – brown/pink                      TS-0505-2006
WG45 Inlet Weld Flange                      TS-0504-3001
WG45 Outlet Weld Flange                      TS-0504-3002
WG45 Valve Seat                      TS-0504-3003
WG45 Outlet Vee Band                      TS-0504-3005
1/16TH NPT Male – 1/8 NPT Female fittings                      TS-0505-2007
1/16TH NPT Male – -3AN Flare fittings                      TS-0505-2008
1/16TH NPT – 6mm barb fittings                      TS-0505-3009
WG45 Inlet Vee Band                      TS-0504-3004
WG38/40/45 Diaphragm assembly                      TS-0505-3006
WG38/40/45 Locking collar                      TS-0505-3007
Collar tool                      TS-0505-3008

Hyper-Gate 45


Hyper-Gate 45