Pro-Gate 50

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Blue: Pro-Gate50 14 PSI TS-0502-1001

Black: Pro-Gate50 14 PSI TS-0502-1002

Blue: Pro-Gate50 7 PSI TS-0502-1001

Black: Pro-Gate50 7 PSI TS-0502-1002

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BLUE: TS-0502-1001
BLACK: TS-0502-1002

50mm external wastegate. Combining a compact body, superior flow path and high temperature resistance makes the Pro-Gate50 a market leader in its sector. Shielded diaphragm housing ensures excellent heat handling capabilities.

Suitable for high performance turbocharged engines with an external wastegate turbo system. Suits 2.00” outside diameter pipe. Fits older-style Pro-Gate48 and Power-Gate50 flanges.

7psi outer spring (fitted), 10 psi middle spring, inlet and outlet weld flanges and V-band clamps, valve seat and 2 x 1/8 NPT vacuum fittings. Kit Builder Packs available to customer specifications.


Pro-Gate 50

Pro-Gate 50


TS-0502-2001 WG50 & WG60 Spring 5 PSI inner – Black/Grey
TS-0502-2002 WG50 & WG60 Spring 7 PSI inner – Black/White
TS-0502-2003 WG50 & WG60 Spring 7 PSI outer – Black/Purple
TS-0502-2004 WG50 & WG60 Spring 10 PSI middle -Black/Blue
TS-0502-2005 WG50 & WG60 Spring 14 PSI middle – Black/Yellow
TS-0502-3001 WG50 Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0502-3002 WG50 Outlet Weld Flange
TS-0502-3003 WG50 Valve Seat
TS-0502-3004 WG50 Inlet V-Band Clamp
TS-0502-3005 WG50 Outlet V-Band Clamp
TS-0501-3004 WG Valve Guide O-Ring
TS-0501-3001 WG Diaphragm Replacement

Pro-Gate 50