Turbosmart Sponsorship Categories
To qualify for Turbosmart Sponsorship a vehicle must fall into one of the two categories listed below and satisfy the relevant category’s requirements.

1. Competition Vehicle
The sponsored vehicle should have a confirmed racing schedule for the current or upcoming season with a list of events in which it will be competing. The owner/driver should have solid racing credentials with a documented history of top five finishes.

2. Show Vehicle
The sponsored vehicle should have a calendar of confirmed show appearance dates accompanied by a scheduled editorial feature in at least one national automotive publication. (Please note – a news story covering the show at which the car is on display is not equivalent to a full editorial feature on the car) The owner/builder should have a solid history of show wins for the either the current or past show car.

Turbosmart Sponsorship Approval Process
Each Sponsorship Proposal is considered separately and approved or rejected based on its own merits. Long-term sponsorships are reviewed on yearly basis and renewed or terminated on the basis of the performance/exposure of the sponsored vehicle.

Turbosmart Sponsorship Conditions
As a part of any sponsorship agreement, the owner agrees to place Turbosmart stickers on the sponsored vehicle. The location and size of the stickers will depend on the level of the sponsorship. The sponsorship agreement is binding for a minimum of 12 months, during which time the Turbosmart signage must be present on the vehicle during all shows/events it competes in.

By accepting Turbosmart products, the owner/driver automatically accepts all the terms and conditions of the Sponsorship Agreement. Unless agreed on otherwise, the owner/driver agrees to provide Turbosmart with images of the vehicle with the appropriate signage in place and of the installed products within a month of the products being received. Failure to provide such images will void the sponsorship agreement and result in a full retail price being charged for all the items.

As a sponsor, Turbosmart reserves the right to use all available images of the car and/or the owner for its marketing and advertising/promotional purposes. These may include magazine, web and billboard advertising as well as newsletters and other trade promotions.

How to apply for a Sponsorship
1. Read the above sponsorship conditions, ensure you can fulfil your obligations before applying.
2. Read our How to Obtain and Retain Sponsorships article.
3. Download and complete the Sponsorship Application Form.
4. Make sure to complete all the necessary fields. Include some images of your vehicle.
5. Post or email the completed application form to Turbosmart USA (contact details below)

Sponsorship submissions can be sent via email: sales@turbosmartusa.com
or via post: Turbosmart USA 8580 Milliken Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730